Dangerous contaminants define water pollution.

A carbon filter helps produce purified water, but which water filtration is best to free polluted water of contaminants?


Lead, Iron, Mercury, Chlorine, Asbestos and Arsenic— dangerous contaminants that define water pollution.

Pollution and contaminants in drinking water have been linked to an array of health issues and diseases, making water quality especially important for your family’s well-being. Water research shows problems arise from fluoride in water, chlorine in water, lead in water, mercury, asbestos, and a host of other contaminants that may mean your drinking water is far from truly clean water.

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Is Tap Water Safe? Is My Drinking Water Safe?

All water sources are prone to contamination, whether by natural processes like erosion or by human-generated pollution.


Filtering clean water at home makes the most sense when it comes to ensuring your water safety.


Glacier Fresh’s performance in reducing or removing contaminants is second to none. Through molecular adsorption—in which molecules adhere to our 20% larger organic carbon filter upon contact—our water filters minimize pharmaceuticals, pesticides, industrial chemicals, waterborne parasites, metals and harmful minerals to ensure drinking water quality.

Our patented third filter removes fluoride and arsenic that other filters leave behind.

What’s left? Remarkably refreshing drinking water that is truly Pure and Clean, Nothing in Between!


Drinking Water Contaminants Body of Evidence

Some examples of harmful effects related to contaminants that Glacier Fresh filters have been tested to be effective against include:

  • Lead – affects the brain, kidneys and nervous system, especially in exposed children
  • Mercury – a known cause of kidney damage
  • Chlorine – can irritate sinuses, throat and stomach
  • Arsenic – carcinogenic metal linked to circulatory system damage and skin disorders
  • Pesticides – may be related to increased cancer risk, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD and birth defects
  • Fluoride – may be linked to weakened bones, joint pain, and tooth decay

Here’s a complete list of the contaminants that Glacier Fresh water
filters have been tested to reduce or remove from drinking water.*

*Not all contaminants on this list are found in all drinking water.