Water Quality Standards: How Does Your Water Measure Up?

The best water to drink may not be from your municipal water supply.


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Glacier Fresh will report directly to you valuable information about your local municipal water supplier. Find out what is being tested and what elements are still in the water! 

*Not all cities’ and communities’ information about their water supply is accessible.

Water testing is done regularly by your municipal water supplier to determine if your tap water measures up to EPA drinking water standards. Although water quality testing is one of your municipality’s chief concerns, a local citizen is still entitled to ask, “What’s in my water?”

Are you drinking quality water?

Here are 3 concerns:

The only contaminants the EPA tests for are ones already determined to cause harm. The concern is, many of our country’s environmental scientists believe there are thousands of agents not yet identified, and many of them may be harmful.

Your municipality’s definition of safe, clean water may be different from yours. There are still many cities that add fluoride to their water. If you have concerns of fluoride in your drinking water, your city may not be able to help.

The journey of water—from its original source to your kitchen pipes—is a long distance that includes many points of potential exposure to contaminants. Even if safe, clean water is leaving your municipal water source it may be traveling many miles through old lead pipes to get to your home.

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