Fequently Asked Questions

For inquiries about your refrigerator water filter please see below or feel
free to contact Glacier Fresh with any other questions you may have.

  • Are all carbon filters the same?

    All carbon filters are not the same! Some rely on activated carbon, which is basically small carbon pellets that water passes through for filtration. The problem with those is a tendency for the water to create paths through the pellets, thus reducing the water’s contact with actual carbon.

    Glacier Fresh uses a carbon block – compressed to a solid mass – that ensures your water gets the most carbon contact possible. Unlike some other carbon block filters, Glacier Fresh has the smallest possible pore size, or micron rating, that will still allow a steady flow of water. This micron rating further ensures that even tiny particles are trapped and removed from your water as it passes through the carbon block.

    Not only do the type (carbon block) and micron rating of Glacier Fresh filters make them superior to other choices, but our carbon blocks are 20% larger, on average, than others on the market, so ours work at the highest performance for every single day of their usage life (6 months).

    Plus, our patented 3-level filtration system adds an additional level of particle filtration and the technology to remove arsenic and fluoride that other filters leave behind.

  • Why do I have to change my filter every 6 months?

    Carbon filtration works through adsorption, a process in which contaminants adhere to the carbon filter, almost like a sponge (but with a more powerful molecular pull). In time, the carbon becomes “clogged” with trapped contaminants. You may notice a reduction in water flow when the carbon filter is beyond its capacity to remove contaminants, but this is actually a point you want to avoid reaching. Better yet, ensure top performance by replacing every 6 months (sooner if you notice that reduced water flow). By doing so, you’ll always drink the most refreshing and cleanest water.

  • Will a Glacier Fresh filter improve the taste of my ice cubes?

    Ice cubes that taste bad make every drink they touch taste bad, too. Glacier Fresh water filtration in your refrigerator water system not only improves the water that pours from your fridge door but also the water that makes your ice. So, yes – a Glacier Fresh filter will give you cleaner-tasting ice, for better-tasting drinks all around.

  • How many contaminants does a Glacier Fresh filter trap?

    Glacier Fresh filters have been tested and verified by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to reduce or remove 23 specific contaminants, including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, industrial chemicals, waterborne parasites, and metals (such as lead and mercury). Beyond that, our filters likely trap other contaminants that we have not tested and certified. We only list those for which we’ve rigorously tested and received certification from the NSF. For a complete list, as well as information about the effects of drinking water contaminants, visit our Dangers in Drinking Water page.

  • Will a Glacier Fresh filter fit my fridge?

    Yes! Our filters are designed to replace your current filter easily. The only difference will be the superior filtration you’ll get by switching to a Glacier Fresh filter. Our carbon filter is 20% larger than other brands and our patented 3-level system traps contaminants others don’t – including arsenic and fluoride. Go to our Find a Filter page to find the Glacier Fresh filter for you by model number or refrigerator type.

  • Does Glacier Fresh filtration remove lead from drinking water?

    Yes! Our filters remove lead from drinking water, as well as mercury, pesticides, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other contaminants that may be in your tap water. We know you’re concerned about lead, fluoride, arsenic and other potential water contaminants, so we’ve tested our filters to ensure your safety. We’re also NSF certified to reduce lead and more than 20 additional contaminants, so rest assured – following filtration through a Glacier Fresh filter, your municipal water will not only taste better but be better for you and your family.

  • Does fluoride in drinking water pose health risks?

    Studies have linked long-term exposure to fluoride levels above four mg/L to a serious bone disorder called skeletal fluorosis, in which bones develop extreme density and are abnormally fragile. In young children, fluoride levels above two mg/L can cause irreversible mottling and discoloration of permanent teeth. The EPA recently concluded that fluoride exposure in America has increased in the last 50 years, thus exposing the population to these potential health risks. The current Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for fluoride allowed by the EPA in municipal drinking water supplies is four mg/L, despite the World Health Organization (WHO) Guideline specifying a maximum level of 1.5 mg/L – well below the US allowable amount. Further, inadequate regulation may mean that levels rise above the already high MCL. Considering the health risks associated with higher levels of fluoride exposure, Glacier Fresh is proud of our patented filtration technology that traps fluoride from your drinking water, a contaminant carbon filters alone can’t remove. Other filters leave fluoride in your water, potentially exposing your family to health issues, but Glacier Fresh is certified by the NSF to trap both fluoride and arsenic, as well as over 20 other contaminants.

  • Should I be concerned about arsenic in my water?

    Arsenic enters drinking water supplies primarily by passing through arsenic-rich bedrock and soil. The EPA recently lowered its safety standard for safe levels of this contaminant due to alarming studies linking arsenic exposure to a host of major health issues, including an over 50% increase in severe lower respiratory infections among infants, low-birth weight in infants exposed to even low levels of arsenic, and increased mortality from diabetes and heart disease. Low dose exposure to arsenic over an extended time has also been linked to childhood and adult respiratory problems, as well as cancers of the skin, bladder and lung. Concerned about these health risks, Glacier Fresh developed our patented 3-level filtration system, which removes both arsenic and fluoride that other filters leave behind. In fact, carbon filters alone can’t remove arsenic, which is just one of the reasons a Glacier Fresh filter, certified by NSF to trap arsenic, fluoride and 20 other contaminants, stands alone in providing the best water filtration you’ll find.

  • How do I install my Glacier Fresh filter?

    For the most up-to-date installation instructions, refer to your refrigerator’s manual or click here to find your Glacier Fresh filter on our Installation page. If you experience any issues, contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you.

  • How much does Glacier Fresh contribute to charity:water and how is that money used?

    With every purchase of a Glacier Fresh filter, we contribute $1 to charity:water, a global organization that works in developing nations to bring clean water to people in need. Having already reached over 6 million people, charity:water continues to work toward their goal of ensuring clean and safe drinking water availability for every person in the world. 100% of the money they receive from Glacier Fresh goes to the field, including our initial funding of a project in Ethiopia and continuing with other projects chosen by charity:water based on need. When you choose Glacier Fresh filtration for your family, you’re part of the global solution, too! Visit our Giving Back page for more information about charity:water and ways you can help.

  • What if I can’t find a Glacier Fresh filter to replace my current model?

    First, please contact us! We’ll either point you in the direction of the Glacier Fresh filter that will work in your fridge or find another solution. Also, if for some reason we aren’t able to find the right filter for your needs, we’ll keep you up-to-date about an exciting upcoming Glacier Fresh product that promises to provide the same superior filtration.

  • I don’t have a refrigerator water dispenser – is there a Glacier Fresh filter for me?

    Stay tuned! We’re soon to announce an exciting product that will definitely fit your needs. Contact us and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s available. Everyone deserves the superior filtration of lead, mercury, fluoride, arsenic and other contaminants that only the patented 3-level filtration of Glacier Fresh provides!